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License No. C10-469893

License No. C10-469893

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Welcome to Pro-Tech Electric, Inc.

Full Service Commercial Electrical Contractor Since 1985!

Pro-Tech Electric, Inc. was established in 1985 and is a full service electrical contractor that has specialized in commercial ground up projects, industrial system installations, tenant improvements, commercial and industrial service repairs, and electrical testing. Striving for customer satisfaction and repeat business, Pro-Tech Electric attributes their longevity and stability to faithful customers and quality employees which has allowed them to be a contender in this economically challenging marketplace for over 25 years.

Our ongoing goal is to provide the best possible electrical installations and service to an ever-expanding competitive industry. Our efforts to support our customer's short and long-term needs and solutions are a major part of success. We have professional relationships with national and international leaders such as:

general electric


Design and Build

Our team can provide a comprehensive design and build service for commercial electrical construction projects. Each project begins with a comprehensive meeting with all the key people to analyze the plans and construction drawings. From there, we will coordinate with the general contractor or project manager with the details to completing the project. Pro-Tech Electric has been involved in extensive design and build efforts for three decades resulting in premium custom-tailored finish projects.

Service and Repair Work

Pro-Tech Electric has extremely knowledgeable electrical technicians that can troubleshoot anything from a light switch to complex PLC controls. Whatever your service needs may require we can handle it.

Whether we previously installed your business’s electrical equipment or not, we’ll fix your problem. We work with all types of wiring—both old and new. At Pro-Tech Electric, we repair the following:

  • Office lighting
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Emergency lights
  • Parking lot lights
  • Exit signs
  • General troubleshooting
  • And more!

Electrical Testing

At Pro-Tech Electric, we can identify problems within electrical systems before a catastrophic failure. We will schedule a shutdown of the faulty equipment to reduce unwanted downtime and increase optimum production efficiency and safe conditions in the facility. A thorough report will highlight potential and/or repaired electrical components that are easy to read and understand.

Industrial Systems Installations and Process Controls

Our certified electricians have extensive experience in new construction as well as upgrades to existing equipment in the industrial process plants.

Fiber Optics

A major advantage of fiber optics is its bandwidth. Fiber optic cables can carry a greater amount of data more efficiently than other types of cables. Fiber optic cables are made of thin strands of glass. They transmit data via pulses of light that are converted into electrical signals. Since light travels faster than electricity, data flows much faster in the fiber optic cables than other types of cabling. Because the cables are made of glass and not metal they don't conduct electricity and therefore do not suffer from electrical interference from power sources, electrical appliances or even lightning, that can degrade the signal.

Access Control

It is critical to protect your business, which starts at the door. Pro-Tech Electric can assist with implementing an electronic access control solution. This will:

  • Prevent those who want to steal from entering your facility
  • Restricts property damage because no one that isn’t authorized will gain entry

Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, our access control systems guarantees:

  • Only authorized personnel can access your building
  • Inventory storage areas will have a log of all personnel going in and out of the area
  • Sensitive areas throughout your operation will be able to be monitored.

Access control solutions will provide a detailed log of:

  • Who was in your facility
  • Where they entered and exited
  • Duration of their visit

Give Pro-Tech Electric a call today to see what system is right for your business.

CCTV / Security

Our comprehensive range of systems and services encompass every security requirement needed to safeguard your business. As electronic systems become more and more sophisticated, and because we are at the forefront of technology, you can be assured that Pro-Tech Electric will continue to provide first class, state of the art, integrated security and CCTV solutions.

What makes us unique from our competitors is our capability to provide a one stop solution by offering a comprehensive range of products and services in the security sector.

Data Cabling

Reliable data cabling is crucial to making sure your company runs an efficient network.

Pro-Tech Electric can manage your company’s computer network cabling infrastructure, you can be confident that the right equipment, software, and layout have been used and that everything is properly and neatly installed. Our knowledge will keep your system operating correctly, and prevent damage and performance problems.

Solar Systems

Pro-Tech Electric actively works on all system designs and project timelines, using decades of project management experience to guide project managers through all phases of the installation. Whether you are just starting to consider the idea of solar power, you already have an approved project ready to install, or even if your aging PV array needs a check-up, we are here to help!

Complex Lighting

Poor office and warehouse lighting can decrease employee productivity. In a typical business expenditure breakdown, labor accounts for as much as 85 percent of operating costs, while lighting only accounts for one percent. As a result, your business could be decreasing its operational efficiency—and ultimately affecting your bottom line—without proper office lighting.

It's important to consider:

  • Color of office lights
  • Brightness of office lights
  • Quantity of office lights
  • Placement of office lights

If you're looking to replace your current office lighting system, or need electrical repairs, contact the certified electricians at Pro-Tech Electric. We'll perform a comprehensive analysis of your existing office lights and work with you to recommend the best lighting fixtures, bulbs, and placement for your business.